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TaiKi Musical Instrument Corp.was established in 1978 in Kaohsiung and concentrate on making acoustic guitars,under supervision of “Y” brand and technology transfer.
In order to face much chalanging world, we move production to China in 1992. Located in Huizhou Huiyang Guangdong, we are one of the very first factory that produce acoustic  guitars in Huiyang


TaiKi Musical

We have more than 40 years guitar manufacturing experience, through either OEM or ODM with the cooperation with well-known multinational guitar brands. Numorous experts and consultants for long time technical guidance.

Under strict requirement by customers, for all these years, TaiKi has gone through a lot of challenges, collecting top of the world technologies, carrying wide product lines like Acoustic guitars, Ukuleles, Banjos and Mandolins.

"Pragmatic, hard work, responsibility" is the entrepreneurial spirit uphold by Sobor, integrity, innovation and win-win business philosophy, to create a good business environment, advancing with the times management, sound technology, excellent quality and thoughtful The service is essential for survival.
Always firmly believe that honest and trustworthy enterprises can develop together to work together to strengthen the team!